Understanding Dengue

An awareness project by LGS Junior Girls Campus JT.

All mosquitoes are dengue carriers.The mosquitoes that carry this disease are known as Aedes Aeçypti and find humans as their preferable targets. The mosquito originated in Africa but is now found in tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world.
sA11 Aedes mosquitoes on Dengue carriers.They need to bite an infected human and then bite a new person to transmit the disease. This means that populated areas are more prone to risk 
Dengue fever is more common in rural areas.Dengue is an urban disease. It is more common in urban areas than in rural areas.
Mosquitoes carrying the virus breed in sewer water.In fact the mosquito breeds in your backyard and at home. Mosquitoes aren’t the traveling type. so they lay their eggs in your house. That way they don’t have to travel at all. It’s probably darker in the house than it is outside anyway – the ideal environment for them. They will breed in clear. Stagnant water anywhere inside and outside your home. This mosquito flourishes during monsoons.
Aedes mosquitoes are only active at dusk or dawn.Aedes mosquitoes bite throughout the day. A myth that they only hunt during dusk and dawn By the way. They love to hide in the dark corners of your house.
Here is a vaccine for DengueThere is NO vaccine for Dengue. Prevention is the only option
As long as my house is clean, i won’t have issues with Aedn mosquitoes and Dengue fever. Mosquitoes can fly into your home from anywhere. So just because your house is clean doesn’t mean mosquitoes won’t get to you.

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